• 17. December 2018,
    Binance Support Number
    „ “
  • 15. December 2018,
    „hI Friends ,am Cynthia Williams I was scammed by a by a man named Mark whom i met on facebook. he gave the story of her aunt being down with severe cancer and she told me to borrow her funds for treatment for close to 6 months. I wired over 70000usd to her during those months. I never knew all was scam till i told him i was becoming broke and i stopped sending money to him after 3 weeks he stopped picking my calls and deleted my number off his whatsapp. I thought all was lost and there was nothing i could do because i was genuinely broke by then, after some weeks i took the initiative of contacting a recovery firm . I tried four recovery firms and they all wanted upfront payment and unreasonable commission of close to 40% of the money that will be recovered. I went a step further to get my money back and i came across a firm called ATLAX SECURITY. I was astonished because they said they do funds recovery without an upfront payment and take just 10% of the recovered funds . I contracted them and lo and behold they were able to recover almost 85% of my lost funds with the help of competent lawyers. If you have similar problem like mine you can contact them through there website : “
  • 13. December 2018,
    blockchain support number-1877-342-7222
    „ “
  • 13. October 2014,
    J. Malina
    „Very nice weekend“
  • 20. July 2014,
    Eva Kábrtová
    „Beautiful environment, tranquility and views of the hillsides Bedřichovská. The cottage is clean, very well equipped, well prepared for families with children. many opportunities for short and long trips. The owner very friendly and helpful! Thank you for a wonderful stay.“
  • 5. March 2014,
    p. Skřivánek
    „A nice and quiet environment in the Jizera Mountains, the perfect place for mountain excursions, biking and skiing. Highly recommended to all.“
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