Activities and surroundings

Accommodation in Bedrichov in the Jizera mountains will ensure you a pleasant and active vacation.

The village of Bedřichov is an ideal base for cross-country skiing, cycling and hiking trips to the Jizera Mountains. There are two boarding places in the Jizera Trail. Accommodation in the Hubert Chalet, which is located in the center of the village of Bedřichov, offers you immediate access to the serene natural beauty of the Jizera Mountains.


Winter activities in the Jizera Mountains

In winter, the Jizera Mountains are well known for the Jizera Trail - a network of nearly 155 km of trails. The Jizera trail route is used by both sports amateurs as well as professionals. The Jizerská 50 annual race, which starts in Bedřichov, is among the 15 most prestigious long-distance cross country races in the world, and is included in the Worldloppet racing series.

Downhill skiing in the Jizera mountains has also come into its own. The Jizera Mountains offer several ski resorts which feature downhill skiing. (Bedřichov, Špičák, Severák, Jested).


Summer activities in the Jizera Mountains

In summer, the Jizera Trail turns into an ideal place for cycling and hiking. A dense network of bike paths and hiking trails in the beautiful Jizera Mountains will satisfy every sportsman and nature lover. The PLA management has also built an interesting network of nature trails for curious tourists.

Local attractions include the Jizera Mountains bobsled and glassworks with the possibility of excursions in Janov nad Nisou. During the holidays in the Jizera Mountains, you can also also visit the Siberian Musher Jana Henychová.

Dog sled tours with Alaskan Huskies can be provided by Rodney Lovette in Hranicna, Janov nad Nisou. Approximately 1km from the center of Janov and 1km from Bedrichov. Tours can be arranged from September until the end of May. When there is snow the tours are on sleds, and when there is no snow the tours are done on 4 wheeled carts. Camping is also available. Presentations and kennel visits can also be arranged.

While wandering around the Jizera Mountains, you can not omit the neighboring town of Liberec (Zoo and botanical garden, Ještěd, Babylon entertainment complex etc.) and Jablonec nad Nisou (Museum of Glass and Jewellery, Petrin lookout tower, the water park, and Mšeno water reservoir etc.).

The biggest attractions of the Jizera Mountains, in addition to the main features of Liberec are, - the Ještěd lookout tower with a lift - a giant barrel in Lázně Libverda, the cog railway Tanvald - Kořenov - Harrach, a windmill in Jindřichovice pod Smrkem, Liberec Underground or even the Bozkovské dolomite caves near Semily.

The Jizera Mountains are known for their large number of observation towers. It is possible to lookout from the top of them including Královka, Bramberk, Petrin, Ještěd, Smrk, Spicak, Stepanka, Cerna studnice, Nisanka, Slovanka and more. Certainly it is also a great idea to visit the castles in Frydland and in Grabštejn, or the Hamrštejn castle ruins near Liberec.

Fans of natural attractions in the Jizera Mountains will appreciate the uniqueness of the nature reserves Nova Louka, Jizera forest, Ptaci cluster, Pytlacke rocks, the bogs in the Jizera and Jizerka, or the rock formations on Paličník, Poledniku, Spicaku and Štolpichu. Many trips in Jizerkách are directed to the highest mountain in the Jizera Mountains, Smrk, where you can observe the lower Jizera. There are beautiful waterfalls on Jedlové Joseph Dole, Cerne Desne and also the Velky Štolpichu. It is also definitely worth a visit to the Black Nisa dam (also called Bedřichov), Josefuv Dul, Sous and more.