The is a natural swimming pool fed by water from the Jizera peatland, and is located approximately 500 m from the hut near the main car park.

There is also a pleasant swimming pool in Bedřichov (Bedřichovská dam on the Cerna Nisa River). Swimming is also available in nearby Jablonec (7 km) next to the Jablonec dam (Mšeno water reservoir) or at the Liberec dam (Harcovská dam, 9 km). Both dams can be reached by bus from Bedřichov.

Swimming pools and water parks

The Waterpark in Jablonec n. Nisou has a 25m swimming pool, a children's pool, two waterslides, a steam room, a sauna, a sun meadow, a children’s playground, beach volleyball, and a solarium. Massages are also available.

The Aquapark Babylon in Liberec has several pools with temperatures of 30°C, four water slides, artificial current, steam baths, saunas, massage, jacuzzis, a solarium, a paddling pool and relaxation area.

The swimming pool in Liberec has a 50m swimming pool, a children's pool, a 150 m long water slide, a diving tower, a wild river, steam rooms, saunas, massage, a solarium, a slide, jacuzzis, a wellness center, and a novelty pebble walkway for a foot massage.

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts in Bedřichov are open from May on weekdays from 8 to 20 h. It is located in the stadium, near the central park.

Reservations: +420 605 351 602


In the evening, or during rainy weather, you can visit the bowling lanes either in Bedřichov - Black Bowl (400 m from the cottage, tel: +420 483 380 212), or the smaller bowling alley in the pension Uko.

Horse riding

Horseback riding is available at Dřevona in Hrabětice (about 3 km) or at the farm in the village of Vyšehrad.

In-line skating

Fans of in-line skating in the summer can also use the routes of the Jizera Trail. There are also some excellent conditions for skating around the Sous dam in the Jablonec area on Čelakovského Street (800 m long track) Jablonec Reservoir Mšeno, or Vesec in Liberec, where you will find a 5-kilometer radius.