Things to do

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Liberec is the oldest botanical garden in the Czech Republic. Today you can admire nine pavilions with tropical and carnivorous plants, cacti and orchids, or above your heads floating fish in an aquarium. There i salso the very rare exhibit is the famous amazonian Victoria‘s, the largest water lilies in the world.

Zoological Garden in Liberec

The Liberec Zoo breeds more than 170 different species. The biggest attraction in the Liberec Zoo are primarily the white tigers, as well as a single pair of even-toed yaks from the Himalayas not found elsewhere outside the Asian kontinent, Chinese takin, the critically endangered Somali wild ass, bearded vultures, Bharal - Himalayan artiodactyl, which you will not see elsewhere in Bohemia, chimpanzees, sea lions and more.


Lanovka na Jested . The dominant feature of Liberec – Jested. There is a chauffered cablecar from the Upper Hanychova. The cablecar was put into operation r. 1933 and runs year-round in good weather.

Spicak - Albrechtice. The chair lift to Spicak is open in the winter and summer seasons. In winter, it is used mainly by skiers, while in summer it is free to carry bicycles.
Javorník - Obří sud - Jeřmanice. A modern chair lift is part of the Obri sud Javornik near Liberec, in the village of Jeřmanice. It transports skiers and also has a special lift to transport wheelchairs.

Observation towers

Bramberk (787 m asl) - near the village of Jablonec nad Nisou, Horni Maxov and Janov nad Nisou. The original wooden tower was built in the late 19th century. Its current successor was built in 1912. It is a stone tower which measures 21 meters in height.

Cerna Studnice (869 m) - near the village of Nová Ves nad Nisou, Jablonec nad Nisou, is 26m high and a dominant feature in Jablonec, which was first opened in 1905. There is a beautiful view of the adjacent city of Jablonec nad Nisou, of Ještěd, and during good weather the distant Mountains.

Frýdlant height tower on Resslová hill (399 m) - Frýdlant. The original wooden tower was built in 1890, the current lookout tower has been serving visitors intermittently since 1907. The tower is 21 m high.

Jablonecký Petrin (608 m asl) -Vrkoslavice, Jablonec nad Nisou. A destination restaurant with a 20m observation tower is located in Jablonec nad Nisou and was built in 1906.

Ještěd (1012 nm) - Upper Hanychov, Liberec. Ještěd dominates Liberec and the whole of the surrounding area. The first observation tower was opened in 1876. Ještěd mountain hotel was opened in 1907. In 1933, between Ještěd and Horni Hanysova was built the cablecar. In 1973 the hotel was finished at the top, bringing it to how we know it in its present form (hotel, restaurant, cablecar). The entire building was designed by architect Karel Hubacek.

Kopanina (657 m asl) - Frydstejn. A cylindrical 18-meter high tower that was completed in 1894. Today the tower enclosed by a glass.

Královka (859 m asl) - Bedřichov. The observation tower was opened in 1888, originally as a wooden tower. After a storm destroyed the tower, it was replaced by a stone observation tower with a height of 23.5 meters. This observation tower is adjacent Královka cottage which has excellent hospitality.

Nisanka (676 m asl) - Nová Ves nad Nisou. This new lookout tower opened in 2007, and offers a view of almost all of the Jizerky from its lookout at a height of 32 m.

Rasovka (610 m asl) - Šimonovice. Restaurants with an observation tower 19.5 m high, that was opened in 2006.

Slovanka (820 m) - Hrabetice Janov nad Nisou. Slovanka dokout tower can be proud of its heritage of being the first metal tower in Bohemia. The cast iron parts were built as early as 1887.

Smrk (1124 m asl) - near the village of the Hejnice. This lookout tower is located on the highest mountain of the Czech part of the Jizera Mountains. The original tower stood here since 1892. Since 2003, there was constructed a new 23m metal outlook.

Stepanek (958 m) - Příchovice - Korenov. This lookout tower is on the border of the Jizera and Krkonose Mountains and was opened in 1892, although its foundation stone was laid in 1847. The building boasts an octagonal tower with a covered observation area and an open gallery at a height of about 10 m.

Špičák (831 m asl) - Albrechtice. The first part of the building was a walkway on top of Špičák which was built in 1889. The lookout tower was built 20 years later. The entire project was completed in the 1930's.


Frýdlant - castle and chateau Grabštejn - castle, Hradek nad Nisou

Oldřichov in Hájích - Castle Rock, Castle Ruins Hamrštejn


Libverda – located 13 km east of Frydlant, 1 km north of Hejnice. The is a treatment spa that focuses on patients with musculoskeletal disorders, heart and blood circulations issues, and also neurosis and mental illnesses. The primary treatment is derived from the local mineral springs.


Bozkovské dolomite caves are the only accessible cave systém in northern Bohemia. They are decorated with stalactites, quartz rocks and several small lakes. But the biggest attraction is the largest underground lake in Bohemia with a transparent greenish water. The caves were created after hundreds of years of the slow process of gradual dissolution of the Paleozoic calcic dolomite. In 1999 they were declared a national natural monument. The caves are approximately 7 ° C so remember to dress warm.

Natural attractions

Smrk (1124 m) - Smrk is the highest mountain of the Czech part of the Jizera Mountains (Polish Wysoka Kopa measures about 3 meters higher) and is located near the village Nove Mesto below Smrk and the town. Today there is a pedestrian border crossing to Poland and in 2003 the dokout tower was rebuilt.

Bukovec (1005 m) - A major highlight of the Jizera Mountains is Bukovec - the highest basalt pile in Central Europe. Located near the border with Poland. With its distinctive conical shape, it dominates the mountain village of Jizerka.

Jizera (1122 meters) - Jizera is the second highest mountain in the Czech part of the Jizera Mountains and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area including Smrk, Bukovec, Cerne and Smědavská mountain dam land and Sous mountain pine meadows. The peak is located at the junction between the towns of Hejnice and Desna.

Souš - Souš on the Black Desna creek. It was originally built as part of the retention basins, which were supposed to protect the area under the Jizera Mountains from flooding. Since 1974, it serves as a water reservoir for supplying drinking water to Jablonec.

Burst Dam on the White Desna - Burst Dam on the White River Desna, which in 1916, after one year of existence, broke and swept away part of the village of Desna. To this day it is the largest catastrophe associated with a dam in Czech history. In 1996, Burst Dam on the White Desné was declared a cultural monument. A nature trail was built on this site.

Jizerka - Jizerka is situated on the Little Giant meadow. It is characterized by contemporary cottages interspersed between peat banks of the Jizera river and a beautiful view of the basalt hill Bukovec. There is also the Jizera Mountains museum, where you can learn about the history of the region.

Waterfall at Black Creek – The Jizera Mountains mightiest waterfall, which is about six meters tall. The entire area is part of the Frýdlant battlements reservation.