Cycling - Jizera Mountains

The Jizera Mountains offers many opportunities for cycling. The Protected Landscape Area in the Jizera Mountains is a large and dense network of paved roads, where motorized vehicles are not permitted. This is suitable terrain for pro cycling trips, and is not as hilly as in the mountains. Supporters of MTB will also find several suitable routes. In the Jizera Mountains was built the first one-way bike path in the Czech Republic - Singltrek below Smrk.

Biking around Bedřichova

The village of Bedřichov is an ideal starting point for cycling trips. When planning a trip, cyclists usually take advantage of the Jizera trail route with a stop for refreshments at one of the bars (Hřebínek, Na Kneip, Promenádní) or restaurants (Nova Louka, Smědava, Jizerka). Along the way, you can visit many interesting places such. There is excellent
scenery for trips such as the small village Jizerka or around the water reservoirs. There is pleasant cycling and amazingly beautiful views in the area around the Frýdlant battlements and Hrabětice.

Bike rentals, bike servicing and repairs, and sales of sports equipment are available in Bedrichov.

Mountain biking and cycling equipment can be rented directly beneath the Malinovka slope in the Adler bike rental and service store. In Bedřichov there is also a shop selling sports equipment.

Jizera Trail for walkers and cyclists, Bedřichov

The Jizerska Trail is an artery today which consists of a route length of 170 km. Originally it was created for the purpose of cross-country skiing (the first track in the country to be maintained by machines). Today the Jizera Trail routes are used year-round, not only by skiers, but also cyclists and walkers.

The Jizera Trail has various starting points: Janov nad Nisou (Hrabetice) Bedřichov (Malinovka Stadium), Liberec (Ceska Chalupa, Rudolfov), Jablonec nad Nisou (Brizky), Jizerka (Morina), Josefuv Dul (Peklo), Albrechtice in the Jizerských mountains (Marianska hora) and others (Korenov, Polubny, Smědava, Oldřichov in Hájích, Novy Mesto below Smrk).

Jablonec singletrack, Jablonec nad Nisou

Jablonec singletrack trail is one-way and not only suitable for experienced bikers, but thanks to its modest inclines, also for families and recreational cyclists. Jablonec singletrack leads from the second dam Jablonecke, towards Pasekám.

Bike park Ještěd, Liberec

Ještěd bike park is open from May to October. For transportation uses up to the park, you can use the Skalka cableway . The railway runs below the cable car. The Freeride Trail combines clay and wooden surfaces. The difficulty is moderate.

Singltrek below Smrk, Nove Mesto below Smrk

The Singltrek below Smrk was the first single trail in the Czech Republic. Its first section was opened in 2009. It currently has a length of over 55 km.
Single trails are designed for all cycling fans, from recreational cyclists, to families with children and active bikers.

This is a one-way forest conservation path. The trail is designed to climb over conventional paved roads, while the descent is along natural terrain on forest service roads.
This Singltrek is located on the mountainside of Smrk. Along the trail is access to a natural swimming pool at Nove Mesto below Smrk.